I’m currently revising the second book of the Sundered Tree trilogy, Astabar’s Rogue. I’ve also begun research and plotting for a historic fantasy set in the Ottoman Empire.

My first novel, The Seal of Throkar, is out and available in luxurious paperback and ebook for the Kindle!

A pious soldier desperate for revenge.

A disillusioned sorcerer questioning his own humanity.

Each on opposing sides of a rift between the gods.

Book Cover: The Seal of Throkar

Since the creation of the world, the god of Knowledge and Death has sought vengeance against the sister who betrayed his plans. Over the eons, he and his near-immortal human avatars have tormented and harried the goddess’ followers, driving them into hiding with spells and violence.

Quin, a pious soldier and servant to the goddess’ avatar, understands how bitter that enmity can be. Her mother was tortured and murdered, one victim among thousands in a devastating slaughter. Quin seeks revenge of her own.

When the avatar of the god of Art is murdered, fear compels the remaining avatars to form an unthinkable alliance. Quin must work with the sorcerer responsible for her mother’s death to track down the killer.

The investigation uncovers a deeper conspiracy that makes Quin question her faith, her loyalty, and everything she knows about her allies and her adversaries. In a game where the gods themselves are pawns, the man she is sworn to kill could provide her only chance of protecting the people she loves. But first, Quin must decide who can be trusted and who is worth saving.

You can also find me on Wattpad where I’m publishing my YA fantasy novel King’s Ransom

Cover of King's Ransom

When Princess Katyria’s father surrenders the kingdom to the Uriti Empire, she is forced to travel to the Imperial court to act as hostage. As a ward of the Emperor, Katyria is expected to find a place for herself in a foreign land among hostile people who worship strange gods. Worse yet, the terms of the truce forbid her from ever returning home.

Determined to find a way to escape, Katyria throws herself into learning how to use the Empire’s greatest weapon: the ability to channel the power of their gods. But just as she succeeds, everything falls apart. Her dour guardian thinks she’s the prophesied savior of the Empire. The High Priestess wants her dead. And the sketchy ex-countrymen who come to her aid have a murkier agenda than simply helping their former princess break the treaty.

With the assistance of a motley assortment of allies, Katyria must navigate the intrigue and dangerous alliances between humans and gods to protect herself, her kingdom, and even the empire from a threat that can destroy them all.