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NaNoWriMo Loser

I’m sorry to say I failed not only my 20k Nanowrimo challenge, but my revised downward 15k challenge. Pathetic! I did get 12k in this month. That’s about….mmm…10k more than I’ve managed per month since moving here, so I’m pretty happy.

A day in the life

Been so tired and distracted in the brain for the last several days, I haven’t written anything. I’ve done some work on my “Etiquette and Protocol for gods” rules, and added some notes to my outline, but that’s about it. This weekend is mainly for getting the house ready for the dogsitter to stay, and …

Crit responsibly

OOh I dislike getting a critique that says: “I don’t read Fantasy. I don’t care for these characters, but people who read Fantasy might like them.” Totally ok if you don’t like the characters, but WHY? How can I fix it? What was missing? The whole *shrug*, I don’t have to try to provide a …

Trying is hard

Some of my feedback has mentioned that I’m using some hard words in my first chapter. (Proscription, mein, geis, for example). As a reader, how do you feel about uncommon words? Is it distracting and annoying, or do you like them? Indifferent? Depends?