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Trying is hard

Some of my feedback has mentioned that I’m using some hard words in my first chapter. (Proscription, mein, geis, for example). As a reader, how do you feel about uncommon words? Is it distracting and annoying, or do you like them? Indifferent? Depends?

Reviewfuse crit website

I’ve been doing critiques of some writing on Review Fuse. You do four reviews and get three in return (or, if you pay to join, you get 3 reviews for doing two). The reviews break down the components into individually ranked topics- like dialog, mechanics, plot, characters, etc. You get a star rating and there …

Wise Man’s Fear

Listening to “Wise Man’s Fear” by Patrick Rothfuss. I’m a astonished by the depth of his world building. It’s truly amazing. My story feels threadbare and limp beside his. On the other hand, characters that can do *everything* they try perfectly are kinda annoying. And while I’m enjoying the books, they are way longer than …


I went to my writer’s group meetup and everyone cancelled. The host tried to email me, but I was on the road. Bah. Was my first chapter *that* bad? She didn’t send me back into the snow and gave me her feedback, which was handy and kind.

If you write and haven’t checked out Scrivener yet, do so! It’s a marvelous little program. Includes a very generous site license- all the computers in your household can have their own copy. Good for organizing all the research, notes, and graphics for term papers and professional work, too. And, no, I am not being …