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Women have always fought

I just read an interesting article by Kameron Hurley over on A Dribble of Ink. ‘We have always fought’: Challenging the ‘Women, cattle, and slaves’ narrative.  Well worth reading if you’re interested in rooting out the cultural misogyny ingrained in our media. I try very hard to not tell lies about llamas in my writing, …

Think of the Children!

Interesting, but not surprising. I suspect paperback books will only last another generation anyway. The use of natural resources, etc will push print books to a specialty niche of collectible volumes and POD. I’m just happy kids are reading. Children are turning away from books in favor of reading electronically.  

Query Letters: This, too, is a dark place of the earth

Trying to write a query letter feels like second quarter calculus. I can recognize the numbers but they don’t come together in any way that makes sense. Both things fill me with frustration and rage. *sigh* I’ve had two attempts completely gutted on critique forums. It is nice to have people who understand the conventions …