The new grammar checker in town

I encountered a new on-line grammar/writing checker today.
Pro Writing Aid joins the ranks of Autocrit and Story Analyzer. You can check up to 3000 words at a time and get access to almost all of the reports at the free level.
It’s almost identical to Autocrit. I mean like whoa- are these the same people? But, the free level is more generous and there are some additional reports. One that stands out for me is the sticky sentences report.
Sticky sentences are sentences that are mainly composed of the 200 most common words (glue words).

Glue bottle
The stuff that holds the Universe together

From their website:

“The sticky sentence report will highlight any sentences in your writing that contains a high percentage of glue words. It will also highlight those glue words for you. Try and reduce the number of glue words in your sentence to improve its clarity.


Original: I was able to use the information that I have in my files and spoke to a number of people about the problem and managed to resolve the problem.

Glue Words: 58% – Sentence Length 29 words

Redraft: I resolved the problem using my contacts and the available information.

Glue Words: 36% – Sentence Length 11 words ”

I think it’s better to be succinct and the redraft is better in this case, but I’m not entirely on-board with this as an issue. But, I admit the Glue words thing is a new concept, and it may take me awhile to wrap my head around it.

Some of the other reports, while yes, giving additional information, don’t really strike me as relevant, either.

I think I’ll be sticking with Autocrit and SA as my tools of choice.