My favorite free on-line writing tools

While directing a fellow writer to some of my favorite writing tools, I discovered the program I use for plotting has been converted to a free on-line utility.
Typing Chimp Software: Character Writer
Character Writer includes a Story Tool and a Character Tool. Both are fun to play with, and worth a look.
I use the Story Generator. It starts randomly, but you can lock some fields, and regenerate until you get an outline you like. For example, the program offers this suggestion as a Catalyst to get my main character moving on her journey:

A messenger or ally gives Quin a new mission to help someone in trouble.

I customized that suggestion to relate to the plot I had in mind:

Jol comes to Quin to convince her to rescue Barrand. Quin doesn’t believe Barrand is alive and would be impossible to save. She doesn’t want to become involved with gods. Jol persuades her to talk to Sarael.

It won’t write your book for you, sadly.  If you have trouble plotting, as I do, this can help you hang your ideas on a solid wire-frame of classic story structure.

The second tool is Autocrit It catches all those over used adverbs, duplicated words, and other common writer mistakes. It compares your writing sample with that of published works of the same length. For instance, it will flag all your adverbs and provide a statistical report of the results.

 Your sample included 75 adverbs. A similar sample of published work uses 3. You might want to remove some.

It is then up to you to review your sample, and decide if you need all 75 adverbs.

I pay for the advanced features on this site. I especially like the ability to add my own words to the search parameters. I can customize it to report on my own writing ticks. I use “looked” too much. My reports include that word.

Of course, you can use the Find feature in Word.  I’ve done that. Autocrit is much faster. Word also won’t tell you that you’ve used the same word twice in one paragraph, or how many “thats” is too many.
Give the free wizard a poke.