Trying is hard

Some of my feedback has mentioned that I’m using some hard words in my first chapter. (Proscription, mein, geis, for example). As a reader, how do you feel about uncommon words? Is it distracting and annoying, or do you like them? Indifferent? Depends?

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  • I like! Unusual words…that is.. I Really like a work of fiction that has references or a golosary (oh sure! Now spellchecker Doesn’t jump in!). Im thinking Cory Doctorow and Preston…

  • Hi Ed,

    Thanks for the comment!
    It sounds like you’re a scifi fan. What kinds of things do you like to read?
    I have a theory that people who read a lot of speculative fiction are more accustomed to seeing strange words, some made up, some just unusual, so they don’t get hung up on them.
    And glossaries can be such a big help. :) (Darn that spell checker!)