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Don’t read the text out loud.

I’ve been doing critiques of some writing on Review Fuse. You do four reviews and get three in return (or, if you pay to join, you get 3 reviews for doing two). The reviews break down the components into individually ranked topics- like dialog, mechanics, plot, characters, etc. You get a star rating and there is room for comments and the ability to add in-line comments.

It’s nice because you rate your reviewers too, and supposedly, you end up being matched with people who review at your level. But since I’m new, I don’t have much track record. It is a bit disconcerting to spend over an hour writing a thorough review, with lots of in-line comments, to get back twenty words: Good characters. (rated 7/10) ; There are places that are known. (7/10); I don’t see any errors (7/10); etc. And still have no idea why I only got 7/10, when no problems were identified. huh.

I do hope I start getting reviews from some of the better ranked reviewers.