Nifty writing links

I’ve stumbled on a few websites recently that have provided a ton of interesting and useful writing information.

The first is Forensics4Fiction This blog was created to provide information about forensics to crime writers and readers alike.

It’s as neat as it sounds. They have an archive on historic and future forensics that I’m going to be taking a closer look at when I have a chance. Weirdly, I have a pseudo-autopsy in my medieval fantasy novel.

The next two are writers forums: Absolute Write Water Cooler and SFF Chronicles

This really seems to be where all the cool kids hang out. Tons of information about markets, agents, and writing, from people who have already gone through it or are fighting by your side.

I found threads on the Angry Robot Open Door- populated by a bunch of the people who were contracted during the last one. They have all the details and are offering excellent advice. It’s great to have company while waiting…