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A really happy writer
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The photo session with Francis Zera of went really well.  I was nervous; I don’t like having my photo taken.  The pictures at the start weren’t wonderful, but by the end I relaxed and it showed.  I came away with a bunch I really liked.

This weekend writerly husband and I ditched the dogs with my parents and headed up to the scenic and somewhat silly town of Leavenworth, WA.  It’s a recreated Bavarian village in the the middle of the Cascade mountains.  Ridiculously touristy, and fun at the same time.

Washington was having a heatwave and temps were nearing 100F.  I am very glad “the last room in town” hotel I booked us into had A/C.  We spent a lot of time hunched over our laptops in the room, venturing out only to eat and enjoy the hotel pool.  We write.  It’s what we do.

Work can’t support me working in a foreign country.  I’ve applied for a leave of absence for six months and have started looking for a job.  Whee.  It’s been fifteen years working within the safe confines of a single company.  A long time since I’ve had to apply for jobs in the real world.

Look out Edmonton, the slime’s coming home!

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  • Nice website Marniy, and nice photos! I’m enjoying the hell out of Seal of Throkar, by the way. I hope you get over your writer’s block. You have to at least get enough ideas to wrap things up.

    In another post, you mentioned that Josh is writing too. Is he writing a novel too, or something else?

    • Heya Jeremy,

      I’m delighted to hear you’re enjoying SoT! Yay!
      I may be one of only writers who doesn’t believe in writer’s block…So, I have that going for me. =)
      I’ve just finished another edit of SoT, it takes forever to get through a pass, and I’m feeling rusty and self-doubty. Everything is all plotted out, never fear. I now need to pop my knuckles and get back to work on it.
      The writerly husband is working on a Science-fantasy novel, and several other cool projects. I’ll let him tell you about them. Good stuff!