A life in progress

When I smile, my eyes close.

Decided it was time to get my writing website posted.  It’s been awhile since I’ve dipped my toes into the waters of web design and development.  I was delighted to discover how easy WordPress makes things, but I’m having to get up to speed on all the new-fangled CSS and PHP coding.  Those things were just becoming popular when I left web development.  It’s been that long, or I’m just that old.

The web business has put me off of my writing goals.  I had hoped to finish the next edit of my first book and return to writing on the sequel.

I had what will probably be the last writing date with my pal Laura yesterday, before Josh and I move to Edmonton.  I worked on web; she worked on her memoir.  She got a terrific response to the pitching she did to editors and agents at the PNWA conference last weekend.  The idea of pitching makes me feel ill.

Still no word from Angry Robot on my submission of Seal of Throkar.  Approaching the three month mark.  Early times, yet.  But paranoia has set in.  Did I miss the email?